Is there a lead generation value to Social Media?

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There is a lot of debate about the value of Social Media in terms of engaging with customers, building brand awareness etc. but as a brand I represent has just started to get active in Social Media, I have started to monitor its contribution to the lead generation aspect of the site.

As I have set up the Google Analytics for the site to have two profiles – one with Lead Generation Goals i.e. brochure requests, customer contact goals and the other one with Social Goals i.e. clicking on the follow buttons – the first step was to set up an advanced segment that separates out the Social Media traffic in both profiles.

When creating the segment, I typed in the major social networks we have been operating on and a few other ones from a list of Social Networking sites on Wikipedia. Now I had the ability to look at my Social Media traffic with a click of a button.

Social Media Traffic

Within the lead generation profile, one can see from the graph above we are talking small volumes of traffic and there are clear spikes which can be attributed to the types of content being pushed amongst the conversations being had in Social Media. We can also see a conversion rate of 6.1% – this figure on its own is meaningless until we compare it to the site average of 6.6%.

All Sources Traffic

At this stage of the Social Media campaign, the numbers are probably too low to have any statistical significance, but it is encouraging to see that the lead generation conversion rate at this stage at least is not miles away from the site average. The challenge will of course be to scale the project and increase traffic from these sources whilst still maintaining a healthy conversion rate.

By using segments in combination with profiles it is possible to shape your content strategy so the content is attracting the type of users who are likely to perform the actions you want on your website.

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