Search Engine Optimisation Marketing Tips

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a complex relationship between the content you have on your website, how it is presented and the number of sites that link to your website. It is important to consider every brand mention on the internet as a citation and every link as an endorsement of the the quality and relevance of your website in your niche whilst not actively seeking links/citations from what Google considers to be “bad neighbourhoods”. The following SEO marketing tips clarify some of these concepts.

Problems with Google Places phonelookup function

Google Places is an excellent opportunity to get your business on page one for location based searches but when trying to sign up their business many users are finding it impossible to get past the first page as Google has a bug in its phonelookup function.

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How to create or edit business listings on Google

This is a quick guide on how to optimise your Google business listing so as to be prominent in the search result when users have a location based search intent. It starts with the basics of how to set up a fully optimised listing (or to claim your existing listing) and moves on to addressing how to promote that listing by using local citations and encouraging customer feedback.

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SEO Link Building Metrics

The key to developing your link acquisition strategy is finding your link targets, and then designing a strategy to get links from these websites. This search marketing blog post explores some important metrics and points to consider when choosing these potential link targets.

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Ways to improve your search engine rankings

The search marketing techniques needed in developing and promoting your website so that you have a good chance to get decent coverage in search results require a broad base of marketing streams, from a suitable amount of business and brand citations to correct page set up and a number of quality inbound links.

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