Online Marketing Tips

The beauty of online marketing is that it is highly targeted and easy for you to assess your return on investment. These online marketing tips should help you understand your business and which channels you should be investing in when trying to market your products or services online.

What are the benefits of using Social Media for business?

Social Media is a low cost, trusted media source that makes a significant impact to the bottom line – it allows you to send an endless stream of relevant marketing messages once you have captured a user’s imagination enough for them to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you because you become part of their stream.. the information they sift on a daily basis.

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What are the benefits of Social Commerce?

Social commerce – which Wikipedia describes as “the use of social media in e-commerce” – is an increasingly effective channel for supporting your online marketing campaigns as it uses user generated content to help your customers become more aware of the value of your product or service, which contributes to word of mouth recommendation through social media.

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Strategies for building online communities

Online communities are an interesting proposition for a number of organisations looking to build their brand online. Key issues are engagement, participation and as always lead generation. The pertinent questions are: What tactics can you use to develop an online community? How does community building or participation contribute to the bottom line?

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10 questions to ask when buying online display advertising

Online advertising is very cost effective when you target your campaigns, negotiate a decent price and test your response. Your first step is to analyse the advertising opportunity you are looking into. How does the website measure up? Don’t fall for flashy designs – pure, simple and functional designs are usually best.

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