Online Marketing Tips

The beauty of online marketing is that it is highly targeted and easy for you to assess your return on investment. These online marketing tips should help you understand your business and which channels you should be investing in when trying to market your products or services online.

Is there a lead generation value to Social Media?

Social Media channels are traditionally seen as having value in terms of customer engagement rather than a bottom line contribution in terms of helping with the lead generation aspects to a site. By segmenting traffic this post attempts to challenge conventional assumptions.

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Brand search queries – to pay or not to pay?

With PPC advertising, it is common practice to run a campaign which contains keywords relating to your brand name – not branded products but your actual company or brand name. This is a contentious issue as many companies feel Google is profiteering but on the other hand they can’t afford to lose a sale on that final brand search.

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How to tweak your website to make it more ‘social’

If you are going to start a Social Media campaign make sure you develop a clear strategy; recognise that Social Media fuses PR, Customer Service and Marketing; whilst utilising Social Media for Search Engine Optimisation – as part of your link building strategy through blogging, content syndication, etc.

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How to better understand your position in the search results

Google offers personalised search results based on your search activity. As Google attempts to serve you more relevant results, it alters your results based on what you click on. As a business trying to compete in the search market, you need to turn off personalised search to get the true picture of your search engine coverage.

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