New Customer Acquisition

Many organisations develop a website which is solely promoted through their literature – brochures, headed paper, leaflets, etc. It’s too easy to forget the digital marketing strategy – how is the website going to generate new customers. There are multiple channels for generating customers online and each with it’s own merit.

Adwords Advice – Laying the foundation before starting a Pay Per Click Campaign

Managing a PPC campaign means you need to understand the sales process for your business so you have the correct calls to action on your site. The next step is to set up tracking so you are able to see what works and what doesn’t otherwise you are likely to waste a lot of money on untargeted keywords.

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How to tweak your website to make it more ‘social’

If you are going to start a Social Media campaign make sure you develop a clear strategy; recognise that Social Media fuses PR, Customer Service and Marketing; whilst utilising Social Media for Search Engine Optimisation – as part of your link building strategy through blogging, content syndication, etc.

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10 questions to ask when buying online display advertising

Online advertising is very cost effective when you target your campaigns, negotiate a decent price and test your response. Your first step is to analyse the advertising opportunity you are looking into. How does the website measure up? Don’t fall for flashy designs – pure, simple and functional designs are usually best.

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Developing an Online Lead Generation Strategy

The foundation to developing an acquisition strategy is to understand your customer. Think what problems your customer has that you provide the solution for. Also try to think what key phrases describe your offering. Use this knowledge to build a list of possible keywords for you to build your campaigns around.

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