About Geoff Andrews aka SEM Freak

I am a Lead Generation Consultant who started out recruiting teachers to work in South East Asia. I became engaged by how slight changes to processes altered conversion rates.

It started by putting extra effort into improving processes during the stage between job offer and actually starting in post (in this case securing work permits etc. was quite bureaucratic) and moved onto setting expectations better at second interview and through every step, fine tuning each element, until the first contact – the initial search term.

In terms of new business development, searchers tend to run through a process:

  1. Problem
  2. Search for solution
  3. Compare main players (usually established brands)
  4. Search for brand
  5. Make 1st contact

I strive to find that 1st touch – the touch that stimulated the brand search – the touch that stimulated the conversion (brochure request, sale, sign-up, etc.) – the conversion that stimulated the offline processes.

Need help with the offline processes? Or digitalising these processes? I do that too as part of my suite of lead generation services.


SEM Freak
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