How to…. Internet Marketing Guides

Before you can generate targeted web traffic, it is necessary to lay the foundation by making sure your website has systems in place to be able to perform detailed website traffic analysis. Once you know which sources are providing a good return on investment, you are in a position to start chasing the traffic that is likely to convert – to perform the desired actions like requesting a brochure, following you on Twitter, etc. These “How to” guides help you lay that foundation.

How to monitor and improve Google Places business reviews

When monitoring your Google Places reviews you need to be objective – to divorce yourself from emotion and ascertain whether the review is a negative or a fake review and act accordingly.

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How to create or edit business listings on Google

This is a quick guide on how to optimise your Google business listing so as to be prominent in the search result when users have a location based search intent. It starts with the basics of how to set up a fully optimised listing (or to claim your existing listing) and moves on to addressing how to promote that listing by using local citations and encouraging customer feedback.

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How to set up web tracking code for Google Analytics

Web tracking code is most effective when it is used if you have multiple advertising sources on one site or when you have visitors from the same source across multiple sites. If you use Google Analytics, there are free applications you can use to set up tracking code that will empower you to make decisions about which digital channels are working for you.

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How to better understand your position in the search results

Google offers personalised search results based on your search activity. As Google attempts to serve you more relevant results, it alters your results based on what you click on. As a business trying to compete in the search market, you need to turn off personalised search to get the true picture of your search engine coverage.

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